Are You Fit To Love?

By Allie Ochs

Are You Fit To Love? is the most important question we’ll ever ask ourselves. Let’s face it, our relationships are extremely important. In fact they are the essence of our lives. Yet, for many relationships are the cause of pain and struggle often rendering us powerless to bring about positive changes. Single or not, societal standards convince us that when it comes to relationships we can have it all. As a result we have developed a pervasive ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ attitude with an emphasis on superficiality. In addition, much of the available relationship advice compels us to go after everything we want from our partners. Sadly, for many it is not working. Climbing divorce rates and an increase in the number of singles seeking love are proof that our behavior and attitudes are counterproductive. We need to be reminded that being in a relationship is really about being with another person.

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Faith Kept Her Alive

Author Tells Story of Spouse’s Loss and How She Survived

SUMMERLAND, British Columbia – Bitter darkness, disappointment and solitude were Sue Doble’s companions after her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor that took his life.

In her new book, Don’t Tell Me It’s Okay, Doble shares the deeply personal story of discovering that her soul mate and husband of 40 years had an inoperable brain tumor and had only weeks to live. From telling their family and friends the news to finding a way to survive after the loss, Doble’s story is heart wrenching and achingly honest. She questioned her faith and a God that could take so much from her. Ultimately, she was able to recover herself and her life through her strong faith and belief that she will be reunited with her husband again.

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Is the Economy Killing Fatherhood?

Tom Watson knows what it’s like not to have time to spend with your kids.

“It used to sting me when I was working hard at building my business and I’d hear my kids talking about me,” he said. “One would ask the other to see if I had time to play with them, and the other would tell him not to bother, because he knew I’d be too busy. It was like a knife in my heart. With the economy as tight as it is, I know that I’m not the only father with the same issue. These days, many fathers are either unemployed and working hard to find work or they are working two jobs or more just to make ends meet. Either they don’t have much time for family, or they just aren’t in the mood for family because they are despondent or feeling helpless as a provider.”

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Success Equals Less Sex for Women, Says New Dating Study

Every woman wants to have it all, but can ambition and sexual satisfaction exist in the same relationship? A new study conducted by millionaire-dating site,, reveals that 74 percent of successful women are having not only less sex, but are also generally less satisfied than the average woman.

The website polled 3,419 successful women, with three out of four women who earn at least a six figure salary, reporting less sexual encounters than the average woman.

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Attention divorcees! Why your relationship status is a plus…

Survey by dating site aimed at over 45s shows that divorcees look for a new partner who has also been previously married. After years away from the dating scene, divorcees can often wonder how to get back into the game. But they need not worry, as the results of a new survey by show that their relationship status is actually highly sought after by the opposite sex!

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