How To Give—Brilliantly

Charles & Colvard’s Forever Brilliant jewelry is a

Charles & Colvard’s Forever Brilliant jewelry is a

(NAPSI)—To be known for having the gift of giving, there are three things you should consider:

1. Make it personal. Consider the recipient’s hobbies and interests. For example, give a gardener seeds and gloves; send kitchen equipment to the gourmet cook. Also, if you have a special talent for knitting or painting or photography, give something you’ve created just for them.

2. Wrap it up. Any gift can seem more fun when it comes in a beautifully wrapped box.

3. You don’t have to spend a lot to give a lot. For example, you can really save and still shine when giving jewelry. That’s because you can present a gem that’s 10 percent brighter than a diamond yet available at a tenth of the cost.

Forever Brilliant® is the world’s most brilliant gemstone™. More brilliant than a diamond and conventional moissanite, Forever Brilliant is one-tenth the price of a comparable-quality diamond and requires less investment to make a more brilliant statement. Forever Brilliant offers consumers the most beauty for any budget, including unique designs set in 14-karat gold for men and women from $149.

Those are just some reasons many consider it a better choice for an engagement ring than diamonds. In fact, according to a Harris Interactive survey, 78 percent of Americans believe it’s completely appropriate to get engaged with a gemstone other than a diamond.

The survey also revealed that:

• Nearly four in five think the cost of diamonds probably causes people to look for alternative stones for engagement rings.

• Only 60 percent of Americans own, or have ever owned, a piece of diamond jewelry.

Each Forever Brilliant comes with a certificate of authenticity and a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the company that created it: Charles & Colvard, the global sole source of moissanite. A laser inscription on the girdle of stones measuring larger than 5mm confirms that each gem meets that company’s high standards. Forever Brilliant gems and jewelry are available for purchase at

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