Writing Your Own Wedding Vows?

Some people feel that writing their own wedding vows makes them more personal, while others wouldn’t even consider a marriage to be official without traditional vows.

If you’re not sure whether you want to write your own vows or not, start by reading over the vows that your chosen wedding officiant normally uses. Do they make you well up with emotion or leave you flat? The answer will help you decide whether you need to provide your own input or not.

Many Sacramento wedding couples take their officiant’s vows and just modify them a bit, possibly to change the old-fashioned language of “man and wife” to “husband and wife”, and to make the wording more modern overall. But it’s possible that your Sacramento wedding officiant has already thought of that, and offers a both a modern and traditional version.

Should you decide that you want to write your own vows, don’t fly blind. There are books full of detailed descriptions, suggestions, guidelines, and inspiring examples to help you get started. Your wedding officiant may have a book like this to let you borrow, or you can find them at Engaged Wedding Library in Fair Oaks, where you can read the books on site and copy what you need from them. You’ll find dozens of other Sacramento bridal books and magazines at Engaged too.

No matter how much or little input you provide, as long as your vows are meaningful to you and your fiancé, that’s what counts.

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