“Working” on a Relationship

Mark and Patricia Johnson

Mark and Patricia Johnson

Intimacy Experts and Cleis Press authors Mark A Michaels and Patricia Johnson Featured on When a Marriage Turns into Work

(PRWEB) Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson, happily married couple and co-authors of Partners in Passion, weighed in on the the concept of “working” on a relationship for World Lifestyle. While it seems to be a commonly accepted notion that marriages require attention and hard work, Michaels and Johnson contend that “Sustained effort and attentiveness to your partner are important if a relationship is to thrive, but effort and work are not synonymous. Relationships are not jobs and should not be drudgery, so we encourage people to change their language.” Speaking about relationships as labor puts couples in danger of no longer viewing their marriages as interesting, lively, and fun.

Michaels and Johnson expand upon the concept of love as attentiveness and sustained effort in Partners in Passion. They will also be teaching workshops and giving talks on intimacy and love nationwide. Their full tour schedule can be found on tantrapm.com.

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