What Went Wrong With Mr. Right?

Why Relationships Fail and How to Heal Them
By Ann Gadd

Los Angeles, CA- Is your relationship joyless? Do you often feel isolated and alone? Do you battle to maintain fulfilling relationships? Does your relationship lack real intimacy? Do you live for the day that your partner’s behavior will change? Author and relationship counselor Ann Gadd believes she has found a way to improve our relationships and finally answer the question that millions of women find themselves asking: What Went Wrong With Mr. Right?

In her book, to be released by Findhorn Press in May 2009, Gadd, a professional relationship counselor with decades of experience dealing with couples in crisis, reveals her intriguing insights into the complex nature of relationship. She explains why it is that a man’s laid-back lifestyle may initially be attractive and why years later that same ‘laid-back’ guy is deemed ‘lazy’ and frustrating. Gadd shows that what at first may attract us to another can end up repelling us.

By examining the interconnections between two individuals Gadd believes that if one person changes it must bring about change in the other. She shows that creating the relationship you want is an active principle rather than a passive one. Waiting for a partner to change of their own volition is pointless. Gadd’s book empowers the reader to move from being the victim in the relationship by urging them to change the dynamics involved. Her book is filled with case histories and stories of real individuals helping the reader to understand their own relationship challenges and help them to create the love and intimacy we all desire.

Ann Gadd has studied, counseled and treated people, using a variety of healing disciplines, for over 15 years during which time she has gained some profound insights as to the root causes of habits and how to heal and change for the better.

She is an artist and facilitates art workshops entitled “Create Yourself” and “Art Work”, as well as teaching Reiki. She lives with her family in Cape Town, South Africa. Other works by Ann Gadd include: the A – Z of Common Habits, Climbing the Beanstalk, The Girl Who Bites Her Nails and the Man Who Is Always Late and Finding Your Feet. All published by Findhorn Press.

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