What Happens to the ‘We’ in Relationships?

What happened to the “we” in our relationship? Relationships will disintegrate over time if not worked on. Relationships grow up or they go down. At the same time, relationships don’t get us to feeling like an 8 out of 10; congruence and loving oneself does. Being an 8 without someone is better than being a 4 with someone!

All this and more comes from Dan Rosin, Ph.D., 30-year counselor. Dr. Rosin has just released a new book based on 30 years of counseling real patients.

“Partners need to learn to see their differences as strengths; otherwise, too much time and energy are wasted on trying to change the other person,” says Dr. Rosin. “We spend inordinate amounts of communication time trying to convince people that the way we see the world is the correct way, and they can benefit only from accepting that simple and true fact. Such a dogmatic perception of the truth often leads to power struggles, conflict and misscomunication.”

“Finding Balance: 101 Concepts for Taking Better Care of Self” is an easy-to-read, practical guide to help women decide where they are in life, where they want to be, and how to get there.

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