Tips to Reconnect with an Old Flame

(ARA) – With a quick search, there are nearly 50 online dating and match-making sites ready to connect you with the person of your dreams. And millions of singles are looking for love in the United States. Romance is in the air, and you wish you had that someone special beside you.

Is your mind drifting back to your first love or an old flame? Do you overhear a phrase that reminds you of them, or take a second look when you see a face that looks slightly familiar? Maybe you have the itch to reconnect with that special someone, if only to find out where they ended up.

OldFlameHere are some tips on how to reconnect with an old flame:

Share your idea with friends and family. If they agree that you should reconnect with your first love, they’ll be a valuable resource. They can make phone calls, contact alumni organizations and ask other friends to spread your search efforts out.

Go online. The Internet is a valuable resource for finding people. Sites like are designed specifically for you to find people, and people to connect with you. Plus, you can find contact information and leave a message to reconnect.

Bart and Brenda Stokes dated and even were engaged in high school, but a pregnancy, adoption and the stress from the situation led them to go their separate ways. Both married other people, had children and divorced. Bart tried for several years to contact Brenda without luck. Finally in 2003, he registered with

“I couldn’t believe I finally found my Brenda,” he says. After reconnecting, the couple married, met their now grown adopted-out son and had another daughter. After many years of bumps in the road, their family is complete.

Establish communication. Here is your chance to reminisce a bit, talk about where you are at currently and share some stories about what you’ve done since you last saw your old flame. Be truthful and don’t exaggerate, because it will not put you in a good light. Also, don’t assume that you will be able to pick up a friendship or romance immediately. Relationships take work, and both of you have to be interested in trying to resume a connection.

“There’s something so wonderful about reconnecting with someone from your past – you still have to take your time to get to know where they are now, but at least, you know who they were, and can indulge in the ‘what if?’ factor,” says USA Weekend columnist and relationship expert Dennie Hughes. “The saddest question you can ever ask yourself is, ‘What if?’ If there’s an opportunity, why not explore?

Have fun, but respect boundaries and limits. Maybe your old flame might turn into a new romance. Or perhaps a great friend. There is also the chance they aren’t interested in establishing a new relationship at all.

“Single or not, you may find a relationship where you may need to reconcile past disappointments, reconnect with people that still care so much about you or hear another side of a ‘breakup’ story that makes you rethink your gifts or liabilities,” Hughes says.

It’s never too late to explore the possibility of rekindling an old flame, or reconnecting with an old acquaintance. Visit and find friends from kindergarten, grade school, high school, college, work and the military.

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