Singles Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Don't be a Grinch. The holidays are full of relationship possibilities.

Don’t be a Grinch. The holidays are full of relationship possibilities.

(NewsUSA) – Being single during the holidays doesn’t have to
feel like adding insult to injury. These tips from the dating and relationship experts at eHarmony
Advice ( can help you make it through the season at peace with yourself and
your relationship status.

Holiday Parties

To bring a date or not? That is the question. You can always appreciate the
company of a good date, especially if your plus-one is someone you truly enjoy. However, working
overtime to keep your guest entertained is no fun, so don’t force an awkward date. The holidays can
be a great time to widen your dating circle, so consider going stag. You’ll be free to mingle and
can leave whenever you want.

Surviving the Family

Deflecting your family’s questions about why you’re single and when you plan to
get married can be exhausting. With the proper mind-set, you can survive even the most insensitive
family probing.

– Timing is everything: Decide ahead of time whom you want to see and how much time you want
to spend with them. Then stick to your guns, and get out of any situation when you can’t keep your

– Deflect and conquer: Your relatives will always find a way to sneak in a question about your
dating situation -; well-meaning or not. Anticipate this, and come prepared with a response, such
as “There’s no news in that area … but how’s your family doing?” Distract them from the original
question. They may quickly disengage when they discover you’re not sharing any dirt about your love
life. Consider that mission accomplished.

Surviving Yourself

If last year you were the Grinch from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, this year
dive into the true spirit of the holidays.

– Be honest with yourself: Save any self-judgment, and instead, acknowledge your personal
value, your accomplishments and the friends and family you love and who love you in return.
– Be good to yourself: Buy yourself a nice gift. Spend a night on the town with your most
fun-loving friends, or put the dating ball in your court and log on to a matchmaking service like
eHarmony ( to see who might be compatible
with you.

If you make these commitments, you might just find the holidays more enjoyable and your hopes
refreshed heading into the New Year.

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