Simple Ways Seniors Can Stay Active and Healthy

A daily trampoline workout builds muscles.

A daily trampoline workout builds muscles and contributes to cardio health — plus it’s fun!

(ARA) – You’ve worked hard your entire life to earn your retirement, and now you should enjoy it. But you won’t be able to actively socialize with friends, family and neighbors, enjoy spending time on your hobbies or taking trips to see the grandchildren if you don’t maintain good health and a good quality of life.

The average life expectancy is now 78 years, plenty of time to enjoy your golden years. You don’t need to see a doctor every day to stay healthy; with the guidance of your physician, there are many ways you can take care of yourself at home. Here are a few ideas you can try yourself:

  • Monitor the information your doctor wants to know. For example, an estimated one-half of senior citizens suffer from hypertension. The Lumiscope Blood Pressure Arm Monitor found at Montgomery Ward ( allows you to track your blood pressure at home. Daily monitoring can help you and your doctor bring your blood pressure levels down to 120 or lower, which is recommended to avoid risks of stroke or heart attacks.
  • Involve your friends, family and neighbors in a weekly yard game of bocce ball, croquet, horseshoes or badminton, to name a few. Not only are yard games good physical exercise, but the competition keeps your mind sharp and social interaction balances out a well-rounded lifestyle.
  • Get your hands dirty and plant a garden. Whether you fill indoor pots with beautiful, leafy house plants or plant your entire outdoor landscape in a field of colorful blooms, working with plants is fun and contributes to a sense of well-being. Plus, the planting process involves a little muscle, helping you to keep your body in good condition.
  • Relive some of your childhood fun. Try a daily workout with the Cory Everson Trampoline ( The trampoline provides a good cardio and muscular workout complete with a stability bar to assist your balance. And you can exercise at your level, without overexerting your muscles. Combine your workout with your favorite tunes and revert to your bouncy youth.
  • Join a book club and invite the members to your house. Whether you’re into mysteries, historical fiction, biographies or romance novels, stretch your imagination, share your thoughts and engage your fellow book lovers in a good discussion.

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