Simple Steps To Keep Kids Healthy During Cold And Flu Season

Children may be more inclined to take their medicine if they don't mind the taste.

Children may be more inclined to take their medicine if they don’t mind the taste.

(NAPSA)-Each year, cold and flu season strikes just as families are preparing to get together and celebrate the holidays. During these joyous times, stuffy noses, body aches and headaches are the last thing any child wants to experience.

Prevention is key to keeping fever and flu symptoms at bay for everyone in the family-especially children under 6 years old, who routinely experience six to eight colds per year. Keep these simple steps in mind to help prevent coughs and colds in your family: Soap is your best friend: Make sure your children regularly wash their hands. It is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of germs.

Drink plenty of liquids: Replenish your family’s bodies with plenty of water and electrolytes to flush out toxins.

Cough courteously: Remind your family to always cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze to prevent the spreading of germs.

Get plenty of rest: A good night’s sleep, and the occasional nap, is a big help in keeping the body fully rested and healthy.

Be proactive: Use disinfectant wipes and solutions to remove germs from common areas and items such as phones, computers and toys.

However, when your little one does get sick, PediaCare(r) recognizes that it is often a struggle to get kids to take medicine. The No. 1 reason most kids don’t like taking their medicine is the taste. Children’s taste buds are noted for having higher sensitivity to often bitter-tasting medicines.

To make the process of getting a child to take medicine easier, PediaCare(r) developed its newest product, PediaCare(r) Smooth Melts(tm). These chewable tablets contain acetaminophen to help reduce fevers and offer pain relief to kids, all with an unbeatable cherry taste.

Dr. David L. Hill, a father and pediatrician, has partnered with PediaCare(r) to raise awareness of the need for children’s medicine that is both effective and flavorful. To see a video of Dr. Hill discussing kids’ sense of taste, visit the official PediaCare(r) YouTube page:

“Kids are often fearful of taking medicine because of the taste,” says Hill. “PediaCare(r) Smooth Melts(tm) are great-tasting and effective, so there will be less resistance to getting a child to take the medicine he or she needs to receive relief.”

PediaCare(r) Smooth Melts(tm) are simple for children to take and caregivers can easily determine the proper dosage of the pre-scored tablets by reviewing the dosing chart on the package. PediaCare(r) Smooth Melts(tm) are available at Rite Aid and on

For more information on PediaCare(r) and the full line of products, visit, or Facebook at and @PediaCare on Twitter for updates.


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