Seven Lessons in Compatibility You Can Learn By Traveling Together

Cuba----El-Nicho-FallsSmall“When you travel together, you speed up the process of getting to know each other,” says Brandon Wade, frequent flyer, dating expert and Founder & CEO of “Especially when traveling at the beginning of a relationship, you will be spending more time alone together than normal, and certain signs of compatibility will begin to reveal themselves.” has become the leading source for travel and relationships in the past twelve months, due to its access to a unique community of travel minded singles. Recently, we put together a list of the seven lessons in compatibility you can learn from your travel companion based on member feedback and the experiences of our travel dating experts.

Seven Lessons in Compatibility You Can Learn From Your Travel Companion:

1. Is she/he a problem solver?

Vacations rarely go according to plan. You can find out very quickly if your potential mate is a problem solver that can roll with the punches of a last minute itinerary change, or if you’re in for a crisis.

2. Do you share the same interests?

If you’re a history and nature buff and she’s a spa day and “I’m-not-getting-into-that-

water” kind of girl, you probably won’t have a very good vacation, much less a good life together.3. How she/he treats others?

If quality of character in a potential partner is important, you will quickly see the way she/he treats others in many different scenarios when traveling together. Is she kind, does he tip, is she racist, is he racist? These are things that you may uncover about your potential partner during a trip together.

4. Is she/he clean and organized or messy?

If you are spending a few days together in confined quarters, it will quickly become apparent who is the “clean” one and who is the “messy” one. If cleanliness and organization are important to you and her stuff is all over the bathroom sink and floor, this might be something to consider before moving in together.

5. Is she/he high maintenance or low maintenance?

Some girls can be ready to go in minutes, but other girls will keep you waiting for hours. Even some men have trouble completely unplugging or living with modern luxuries, and traveling together can help uncover these personality quirks.

6. Sleeping habits. Does she/he snore, like to sleep in late or get up early?

If you haven’t slept together yet, you may not know if your potential partner likes to stay up all night and sleep in until noon, or even if they snore. A night owl and an early riser are not always the best match, after all.

7. Does she/he cater to your needs or are they more selfish?

There are a lot of different situations that arise on vacation that make way for the opportunity for someone to be a hero and a gentleman. A member recently reported that the moment she fell in love on her MissTravel trip to the Bahamas, was when her date had removed his shirt to cover her head when it had started to rain. Later, he picked her up and carried her inside after she had slipped in her flip flops. Coincidentally, that couple is engaged to be married and expecting a child later this year.

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