Secrets of a Man’s Heart Revealed: What Every Woman Hopes is in Her Man’s Mind

Couple-Smiling-CMYKMADISON, WI. – What woman wouldn’t want to see into the heart and soul of a man and find a deep, enduring love? What are those closely held thoughts and feelings underneath the surface of a man’s stoic exterior?

Blake Matthew James breaks the silence with his new book The Journal: Messages to Kara. Based on a true story, James takes the reader on a journey from a love at first sight meeting, through the many obstacles that fate throws his way, and the journal that he used to chronicle his feelings. Told from the male perspective, The Journal is an honest recount of a man’s innermost thoughts and feelings for the love of his life.

“We have all had a love that got away,” says James. “And this story may motivate others to find that person that meant so much to them.”

The character of Joe uses Facebook to locate his lost love, Kara, and reconnect with her after 17 years apart. What ensues is a very old tale of unrequited love, with the very modern tools of social networking and email influencing and changing the relationship.

“I believe that love can overcome all things if we are open to it,” says James. “It’s important to do whatever you can to be with the person that you love and show them you are willing to do what it takes to earn their respect and trust. That’s what I want readers to take away from this story.”

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Blake Matthew James has been everything from a truck driver to a comedian. Inspired by his first mentor, Smoky Jon Olsen, he became a comedian and managing partner at Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ. While attending a Tony Robbins seminar, he shared his story with the group and was propelled into publishing The Journal.

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