Prepare And Repair Hunting Gear For Waterfowl

Tears in neoprene waders and gloves can be repaired with a new adhesive material.

Tears in neoprene waders and gloves, as well as rips in canvas or rain gear, can be repaired with a new adhesive material.

(NAPSI)—It’s inevitable that each year, when you pull out your hunting clothes and gear, something is missing, lost or broken. No one wants to be caught out in the field unprepared, so take an hour before you head out to replenish your gear bag and examine all your hunting and outdoor clothes.

Start by replenishing your blind bag:

• Sharpen and clean knives and sheaths.

• Tune duck calls.

• Check all flashlights to make sure they are still working and replace the batteries.

• Include a pair of sunglasses in the bag.

• Make sure your camo paint is still fresh or replace it.

• Add a wader repair kit to your bag to fix unexpected rips and tears.

Next, get out all your hunting clothes including waders, hunting boots, vests, rain gear, hats and gloves and examine them for holes and rips. Tears in neoprene waders and gloves, as well as rips in canvas and polyurethane materials, can be repaired with a new adhesive material called SG-20. The adhesive comes in a convenient dispensing cartridge that makes repairing outdoor gear quick and easy. Using the cartridge, simply spread the sealant along the tear. It immediately sets, forming a strong bond with the material. Within one hour, the sealant is dry, creating a smooth, watertight seal and keeping air, dirt and debris out.

If you find your waders are in good repair, it’s still a good idea to reinforce them before the season begins. No matter how expensive or technologically advanced your waders are, they will eventually tear or rip from wear. Extend the life of waders by applying SG-20 along the inseam of the groin area to minimize the risk of tearing.

Even when you’re well prepared, unexpected things can happen in the field. Hunters who frequently wade through flooded timber or participate in upland hunting know that you can experience a puncture or tear in your waders. SG-20 is the only wader repair kit that can be used in the field because it sets and dries in less than an hour, whereas other sealants take 24 hours to cure. If you experience a tear in your waders while in the field, simply take them off, dry the affected area and apply the sealant. After one hour, the repair area will be sealed with a strong, watertight bond while still remaining flexible. In no time, you’ll be back in the hunt!

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