Oktoberfest survey – What does your brew say about you?

Drinking-BeerSmallZoosk, a top online dating service, recently conducted a survey among more than 2,800 single beer drinkers to see what their beer choice says about them. The results show that your choice of brew says more about you than just your taste in beer… the type of beer you or your date prefers just might be the information you need to see if you are compatible!

Here are the Zoosk survey “brews clues:”

Looking for marriage? Hope your date orders a DOMESTIC beer!

  • Domestic beer drinkers are the most likely to be looking for marriage (20%). Take it slow, though, as PDAs typically don’t go down well with domestic beer drinkers. Overall, domestic brew lovers are a traditional bunch, preferring dinner and movie as a first date.

Not ready to settle down? A MICROBREW drinker is the best fit for you.

  • 31% of men who prefer microbrews say they’re looking for a fun date, but nothing long-term. In fact, microbrew drinkers are the most likely to have had a one night stand (74%) and the majority of microbrew drinkers (54%) want sex every day. They’re also the most likely to prefer outdoor adventures, like kayaking or hiking, for a first date.

Need staying power in your relationship? Find an ULTRA-LIGHT beer drinker.

  • These calorie counters prefer romantic evenings, like to talk about their life goals, and have been in the highest percentage of long-term relationships on average at 75%.  Ultra-light beer drinkers are also the most likely to be self-proclaimed homebodies (37%).

Looking for a more reserved type? Choose an IMPORT drinker for your next round.

  • Those sipping on an import are least likely to have had a one night stand (and the most likely to still be a virgin, on average, at 4%). These introverts prefer man’s best friend to felines.

Looking for a family-friendly date? Belly up to a LIGHT BEER drinker.

  • 92% of light beer sippers are open to dating someone with kids, and 64% can be found spending time with family and friends on the weekend. Light beer drinkers are second only to ultra-brew drinkers when it comes to being in lasting relationships.

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