Study Reveals The Top Reasons He Won’t Call

YoungWomanSmallEver find yourself obsessing over the details of a date, wondering what you did to make him lose interest in you after the first date? The reason might not be as complicated as you may think. A new study conducted by first-date auction site,, reveals the top reasons men admit have led to their decision not call after a date. The top reason? Being misled about how much she actually weighs.

Top Six Reasons A Man Won’t Call Back (based on 2,411 responses)

By Rank, Reason, Number of Responses
1.  “She was heavier than led to believe” (459)
2.  “Found out she has children” (397)
3.  “Sex on a first date” (363)
4.  “Spent entire date texting or on phone” (232)
5.  “Talked about ex on first date”   (214)
6.  “Makes more money than I do”  (195)

“Honesty is a vital component to any lasting relationship,” comments Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of “If you are trying to attract someone based on false pretenses, you aren’t going to be successful. Men are very visual creatures, but they just want to be sure they are getting what they are paying for.”

The open-ended survey was conducted over a three week period on Approximately 2,411 single men participated in the survey, asking:  “What is the most common reason you won’t call a woman back after a first date?” While lying about weight was the most common reason cited, finding out later on that she has children and having sex on the first date, were also among the top reasons men decided not to pursue a woman past the first date.

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