New Book Helps a Person Not Only in Finding a New Job, but Also in Dealing with the Associated Emotional Ups and Downs

Stow, MA (PRWEB) – Valerie Pederson, an individual with both a technical writing and psychology background, was out of a job a few years ago. She went looking for one book that not only covered the practical aspects of being unemployed, such as how to get a new job, but also the emotional ones, such as the anxiety that arises when going on job interviews. When she couldn’t find such a book, Valerie decided to lean on her knowledge as both a writer and long time meditator to create this broad spectrum book, “Surviving Unemployment.”

Valerie wrote this book with not only her own experience in mind but her friends’ experience too. These friends worked long, hard hours and then become jobless after a company merger or some other reason. At that point, they questioned: “What do I do with all this time on my hands” “Will I ever get past this shock of being without a job?” “What do I do with my 401K?” “Where do I find a job?” “How can I gain confidence when I go on job interviews?”

With these questions in mind, Valerie decided to take a break from her career to produce this book. She says “researching and writing were the easy part, keeping a commitment from a publisher was what was difficult.” After being with one publisher for a year who then went out of business and another whose main advocate left and then dropped her book after six months, Valerie decided to self-publish with Lulu ( Lulu has provided not only publishing but also marketing support.

This is what some people had to say about her book:

Mark, who became unemployed after 10 years at a software high tech company said: “I think this book was awesome. In one small book, I found all the important information I needed to get me from one job to another, including lots of job search web sites.”

Amy, who was let go from a job as a bank teller says: “The book helped especially with being a little blue about staying home.”

Eva, who was a special education teacher, says: “Surviving Unemployment helped to keep me focused on each day… and the affirmations and relaxations gave me confidence when I went on job interviews.”

As Valerie was writing this book and talking with people about it, not only were they enthused about the Surviving Unemployment topic, they would come up with others, such as: Surviving the Death of a Loved One, Surviving Retirement, Surviving Your Reflection in the Mirror and Surviving Being Single Past 40. The last topic, fully titled Surviving Being Single Past 40: Living Life Fully With or Without a Partner is one she picked up on and it will soon be published through Lulu. The others, as she says, are in the queue.

Surviving Unemployment is available on, and

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