Make Memories To Share For A Lifetime

By owning a timeshare, you can enjoy many of the pleasures of a vacation home.

By owning a timeshare, you can enjoy many of the pleasures of a vacation home with a lot more freedom.

(NAPSI)—The trend toward a “sharing economy” is growing. Shareable programs from designer dress rentals to music files to bike shares offer consumers a chance to sample something at a lower cost and at their leisure, without having to buy it.

Sharing The Fun

One of the first and most popular examples of collective consumption is vacation ownership, which came about five decades ago with the development of the world’s first timeshare resort in Switzerland. It’s a way for vacation time and accommodations to be shared among several individuals. Today, there is even more sharing and flexibility within vacation ownership thanks to vacation exchange companies like RCI, the global leader in vacation exchange with more than 4,000 affiliated resorts, which allow owners to swap time at one resort for a stay at another.

The Benefits

This type of collaborative vacation lifestyle can provide a range of benefits:

1. Save Money: Ownership at a timeshare resort rather than owning a vacation property individually can be very cost effective over a lifetime. Because many timeshare resorts come fully furnished and include multiple bedrooms, a dining and living room, a full kitchen, a washer and dryer and other lavish amenities, you can save a lot of the money you’d otherwise spend on decor, furnishings and other expenses.

2. Go Green: Investing in shared accommodations can help minimize wear and tear on the environment as well as lessen your long-term carbon footprint. Additionally, many timeshare resorts follow green practices that can further reduce the use of resources, including recycling and paper conservation services, motion detectors and energy-efficient lightbulbs, and native plants in landscaping.

3. Experience More: For many, one of the greatest things about a timeshare is the convenience, luxury and affordability of a vacation experience at a fraction of the cost and without the personal burdens of maintaining an investment. With timeshare exchange, you’re not locked into one vacation experience but can swap out your vacation experience for a new one whenever you like.

Learn More

Those considering timeshare can learn more at or can check out sites like that allow travelers to sample timeshare firsthand by booking stays at available resort accommodations around the world.

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