Independence Day Dating: Knowing When to Walk Away

Essentially Angela

Essentially Angela

This Independence Day don’t dwell on a relationship that is  holding you back, take this time to reclaim your independence! Sure you love him and blah blah blah… but sometimes you have to know when to walk away.

It’s not always simple to cut ties and move on, shouldn’t you try and make it work? Well, love doesn’t always conquer all so this Independence Day Local dating guru, Angela Lutin, is offering her tips for knowing when to call it quits and celebrate being independent.

1. When the behavior becomes crazy, needy, or desperate.  We all have our crazy, check my phone 20 times to see if he’s messaged, moments, but when worst case scenario thoughts start to dominate your brain space all the time to the point you aren’t focusing at work, engaged with friends, or basically enjoying life, it’s time to take a step back.

2. Serial Infidelity. There are those that will never be faithful.  If you are dealing with this time and again, realize that you deserve better treatment.

3. You have feelings for someone else. Stop juggling.  You’re giving two people half of you.  One person deserves all of you.  Decide and cut ties.

4. You begin to lose your identity.  Are you the vegetarian looking around for a steak or gritting your teeth at the Taylor Swift concert? If you change your behavior and preferences merely to fall in line with your partner’s beliefs you aren’t being true to your wants and needs.  It’s perfectly acceptable to have differing hobbies, taste in television, or music. Don’t forget who you are.

5. If the answer to “Does this relationship enhance my life?” is no. Relationships shouldn’t be your life, but they shouldn’t detract from it either.  If, over a period of time, you realize a relationship is not enhancing the way you are living or feeling, then it’s not serving the correct purpose.

Angela Lutin is Essentially Angela. Blogger, Advice Columnist and Dating Guru for the social media age—decoding modern love one tweet, text, and like at a time. Angela’s weekly dating advice column, The Naked Truth, appears exclusively in Boca Raton Magazine. Her work appears regularly on her blog, and she has been a guest contributor to the Huffington Post, Shape Magazine, and more.  Angela appeared as a Dating Coach on MTV’s Made on January 5th, 2013 and also on Bravo’s hit show, Millionaire


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