Half of Online Daters Use “Meet Cutes”

Romantic comedies commonly use meet cutes for plot introductions. In real life, individuals use meet cutes as a tactic when they meet online but do not wish to tell others about their online dating habits. OnMutualTerms.com asked site users if they had ever participated in a “meet cute” story or knew anyone who invented a meet cute. The dating site then had these individuals rank the top meet cute stories they had heard.

Las Vegas, NV – Although online dating is no longer considered a faux pas, some people are still embarrassed about meeting their significant other over the Internet. If you are one of these people, you have certainly invented a “meet cute” story to tell your friends and family.

What is a meet cute? A meet cute is when in movies or tv, a future couple meets for the first time in some serendipitous way. The story usually involves some sort of folly of the elements that surround the two individuals. A spark is ignited and the couple ultimately falls for each other.

Since OnMutualTerms.com is an online dating site, the marketing department was curious if our site users, who were in relationships and met on our site, ever used a meet cute. The team prompted users, when logging into their profiles, to see if they had ever used a meet cute or if they knew of anyone who had used a meet cute. After users answered if they had participated or knew someone who used a meet cute, we asked them to let us know their favorite meet cute story.

34 percent of OnMutualTerms.com users had fabricated a meet cute at least once in their online dating experience. While, 46 percent of daters knew someone who had used a meet cute before. That is nearly half of all online dating participants!

The top three meet cutes that participants had heard were: “Their pets introduced them at the dog park;” “They got into the same cab or elevator;” and “They literally bumped into each other (at a store, on the street, etc).

“People have been using the meet cute, when it comes to online dating, out of fear of rejection from friends or family,” says Founder and CEO of OnMutualTerms.com Natasha Zukovski. “Hopefully, one day, we will live in a world where no one has that fear! Although, I would miss these cute stories that help us believe in destiny.”

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