Faith Kept Her Alive

Author Tells Story of Spouse’s Loss and How She Survived

Summerland, British Columbia – Bitter darkness, disappointment and solitude were Sue Doble’s companions after her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor that took his life.

In her new book, Don’t Tell Me It’s Okay, Doble shares the deeply personal story of discovering that her soul mate and husband of 40 years had an inoperable brain tumor and had only weeks to live. From telling their family and friends the news to finding a way to survive after the loss, Doble’s story is heart wrenching and achingly honest. She questioned her faith and a God that could take so much from her. Ultimately, she was able to recover herself and her life through her strong faith and belief that she will be reunited with her husband again.

“George was the love of my life and the loss of him nearly destroyed me,” says Doble. “If it was not for God’s goodness, I do not know what would have become of me.”

Don’t Tell Me It’s Okay chronicles the days leading up to and the year after George Doble’s death. With quoted Scripture, poems and email conversations, readers experience this intensely painful time through Sue’s eyes. In her darkest moments, she contemplates taking her life, but sees that through God’s love, she can find the light once again.

“I want to help other widows and widowers know that there is hope, even though the road is long and painful,” Doble says. “And I want to educate others about caring for a grieving person because they will need everyone around them, not just in the first weeks, but for the months and years after the loss.”

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