Clinical Psychologist Discovers One Minute Love Match

Couple in Restaurant smallThere’s a dating revolution sweeping the nation! It’s called LOVETYPES — a new scientific approach for instantly identifying an ideal, compatible mate. Research shows that sexual chemistry is determined within the first 60 seconds of meeting someone. In those same 60 seconds, Dr. Alexander Avila has devised a four question approach–based on the most popular personality test in the world (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)– that accurately determines if a person is your soul mate. The 4 MAGIC QUESTIONS ARE:

  • What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?
  • What Would You Do If You Won 10 Million Dollars?
  • What’s Your Favorite Movie and Why?
  • I’ve got two free tickets to a one day resort, but we have to go tomorrow (a work day), would you go?

Utilizing these questions and his scientifically validated LoveType system, Dr. Alexander Avila, has created a worldwide network of LoveType social clubs, one minute match parties, Internet LoveType newsletters, and personal coaching to help singles find their ideal, lasting mates within minutes.

Dr. Avila is also launching the groundbreaking dating site on Valentine’s Day, 2008. Combining’s scientific personality testing with’s easy and fun way of meeting new people, Dr. Avila has created the ultimate dating site: LOVETYPES.COM. Dr. Avila’s site also serves the Introverted and shy segment of the population, as well as the fast-growing Latino market. LoveTypes is already being used in the #1 internet dating site in China, with over 40 million subscribers.

LoveTypes is spreading fast!

Dr. Avila is available for interviews, articles, and columns. He is the best-selling author of LoveTypes (Avon Books, 1999) and The Gift of Shyness (Simon and Schuster, 2002). He is a nationally syndicated relationship columnist, TV and radio personality, and acclaimed personal speaker and coach. A respected educator and prize-winning researcher, he holds 4 graduate degrees including a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a law degree.

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