Cheap Dates: Be Ready to Splurge on Fun

Young-man-and-woman-on-computer-450Been on any good dates lately? Probably not if you’re at all concerned about your budget. (And who isn’t?) Dating, as we all know from experience, seems just too darn expensive these days.

How about a romantic picnic on the beach? Or a fact-finding excursion around your hometown? Or how about moonlight fishing? These are only some of the inexpensive, but creative dates that will make your weekends sparkle. Other ideas include these dates:

  • Rooftop Rendezvous
  • Sidewalk Café
  • Romancing the Snow
  • Brown Bagger
  • Dollar Night Out

This handy reference perfect for backpack, glove compartment, or pocket is filled with ideas, hints, coupons (for exciting invitations), and instructions. The only thing you need to add is someone to share the experience.

Steven C. Smith began collecting dating ideas in college. Now the co-founder of Cornerstone Fitness and prompted by his friends, he’s agreed to share the wealth of ideas, most of which he’s road-tested. Unmarried and living in Scotts Valley, California, Steve’s still searching out the perfect Cheap Date.

For an interview with Steve and some of the happy couples who’ve benefited from his creative ideas or to excerpt some of this book, please contact Jennifer Dougherty Hart at (916) 787-6972 or at

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