Breathing New Life Into Your Career

So, it has been a year or two since your divorce. The financial struggles are just not going away. You’re feeling like there is no way out, unless you change something quick. You’re wondering just how you are going to make ends meet, if not get ahead or invest in your future. Maybe it’s time to make a change in your career?

For many people experiencing divorce, the added stress of a job change can be overwhelming. That may be true in the early months and years to follow the devastation of the experience, but to not at least search out your options to improve your financial situation can be disastrous. It is important to reestablish an emotional balance in your life before taking on another big change. When you must consider it may mean a move to a new area, a change in daycare for those with children or the shifting of your support system with friends or family you have to be sure you’re ready. However, with the use of the internet today it can be easy, done at your own pace, and most importantly, totally confidential.

Taking a lighthearted, almost playful approach to just searching out employment websites can provide you with the confidence and esteem building to help get you to the next step, actually submitting resumes for consideration. Over a period of a few weeks you can find out more about your employment options through researching the on-line classifieds from most metropolitan newspapers, from employment search companies, through headhunter groups or specific company sites. Many of these sites will even provide you with specific information on how to submit an on-line resume, making your search just that much easier. You may even find a number of sites that do nothing more than promote area job fairs where dozens of companies can be contacted in a matter of just a few hours.

Before getting started success can be accelerated by using one simple tool, a list of what it is you really want. Take a time out for yourself and make this list as complete as possible. Determine where you’d like to live, how much you’d like to make, the benefits you’d need for yourself and your family and the type of a company with which you would most like to work. Your next step would be to write out a short personal mission statement or objective for employment. Try getting it down to three sentences or less, as clarity and brevity will show you have really thought about what it is you want. The next step would be to write out a new resume appropriate for your new search. Make sure your details are accurate. You never know if that “perfect” job will show up some night when you’re just playing with your first few searches!

Single Again Magazine is affiliated with a great on-line service specializing in helping people find new careers or employment. I personally listed my resume as a test on their site and even got a great job offer! Try them at They have been building their client base for the past few years and have grown virtually every month. They now reach over 2100 resume distribution sites and over 200 executive recruiters, venture capitalists and employers nationwide. They offer same day posting of your resume, free updates every 90 days and distribution to over 2100 distribution sites for only $89.95. And how much does it cost to mail out 100 resumes?

There are other sites to be found such as,, or even sites such as which is a regional site serving the silicon valley and the San Francisco/Oakland bay area and offered by Jobs & Careers Magazine. There’s also,, or where you can list yourself as an independent consultant. Try these and any sites available through your local or industry associations. You could get control of your career, rebuild your self-esteem and improve your finances. In the very least you’ll learn a lot more about what is available out there in the real employment market. You only owe it to yourself!

Paul V. Scholl for Single Again Magazine

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