10 Relationship “Red Flags” You Shouldn’t Ignore

By Kirsti Ekeholm, LPI

1. Will Not Give You Their Home Phone Number

While it is completely understandable that many people do not want to give out their home number to people they recently met, there is a point in a relationship, especially when you’ve become emotionally and/or physically involved, that having their home number is reasonable to want and request. Be leery of staying involved with someone who wants to limit your ability to contact them by only a pager or cell phone.

2. They Never Invite You Over to Their Home

Once you’ve become involved with someone, it is reasonable to want to see where, and how, they live. If the person continuously makes excuses why they do not want to invite you to their home, nor want you to stay there, be leery.

3. Evasiveness About Career, Family, and Background

Do you ever get the feeling that the answers they give you to questions you ask about them leave you having more questions? Do they seem to get short, defensive, or change the subject, when you ask? Be leery of this person if you often feel this way when asking about their job, family, and background.

4. Suddenly Changes Plans

Do you often find your mate canceling plans at the last minute, or little notice, because something “suddenly” came up with them? While it’s understandable things happen and we have to change our schedules, ask yourself if this is something they regularly seem to do. When possible, most honest people try to give advanced notice of having to change plans out of courtesy and respect for the other person. Consistency is key when considering this.

5. Sudden Changes in Appearance

Has your mate recently dramatically changed the way they look or dress? New wardrobe? New gym membership? Had they ever mentioned to you before about some things they didn’t like and wanted to change about their appearance? Many times, we discuss changes we want to make with our friends, family, and mates. Be leery if other “red flags” also exist.

6 . Insists On Meeting At Odd Times and Places

Does your mate only seem to want to make dates during the week and never weekends? Only in morning for coffee and unavailable after the workday? Only late hours after most people have gone to sleep? Prefers meeting in private, or semi-private places? Be leery of a person who insists on this pattern of dating.

7. Often Unreachable

Does it seem that you are usually leaving voice messages at their work or cell phone? Do several hours, or even days, often pass before they return your call? Do they rarely call, but rather utilize e-mail as the main platform of starting and/or continuing a relationship with you and primary method of corresponding?

8. Haven’t Met Their Friends

Have you tried to make plans to go out with their friends? Do they always have excuses why you can’t meet, or why they don’t want you to meet, their friends? Do they seem to be interested in introducing you to their friends? If you have met their friends, How do they seem to respond to you or act around you? Do they seem interested in getting to know you? What do they say about your mate? Let your instincts be a guide here.

9. Hang-Up Calls at Home

Do you live together and often get hang-ups when you answer the phone or on your answering machine? Is it becoming more regular? Are the hang-ups during times when your spouse or lover is usually home? Do the hang-ups seem to decrease or stop when your husband/wife is out of town?

10. Changes in Sexual Relationship

Does your lover seem to have an increased, or decreased, sex drive? Has their interest in the frequency of sex, sexual positions, or other sexual patterns with you changed? Consider these questions in conjunction with other “red flags.”

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